1. GOD’S MIMIC; The Biography of Hazel Page. WordAlive press, 2007. This is the story of a remarkable woman of God, born and raised in Saskatchewan. She attended Saskatoon Bible Collage and worked at the Salvation Army Home for unwed mothers, learning useful tasks that she would use throughout her missionary ministry. Twice evacuated from China, she translated languages and taught people in Mexico, China, and the Philippines how to read. God gave Hazel the ability to mimic anything she heard. She spent her life hearing new languages and writing them down as she heard them – phonetically! She learned to speak twenty languages but when asked how many language she could speak, she humbly replied, ‘only one at a time’. She brought countless people into the kingdom of God. After she retired from missionary work (in her 70’s) she went back to China to teach ESL and was awarded the Magnolia Award, for her special contributions to Shanghai.
  2. AN INNOCENT SON; WordAlivepress – 2008 Historical Fiction. Judith was filled with terror, running, hiding. She clutched something precious, but what was she protecting and why? Suddenly there is blood on her hands, her clothing, the floor. When their son is brutally killed by Herod’s people it sends Judith and Ethan on a lifetime search for answers. This story follows them through their journey of great grief, dwindling hope, and then the renewal of dreams as they begin see Jesus as the Messiah. They are plunged into a world of hatred and bitterness when Judith discovers he was the cause of their son’s death. The crucifixion brings no peace and news about the resurrection adds only confusion. Then curiosity draws them to a noisy crowd and they hear about the Messiah, who came as the Lamb of God. It all comes clear. Their son died to provide safety for the infant Messiah.
  3. BEHOLD A SON: WordAlivepress, 2010 – Historical fiction. Reuben counted his ten toes. The man who had healed him must be the Messiah. The leprosy was gone as if the past four years had never happened. But then Reuben was exiled from his home again, this time because he believed that Jesus was the Messiah. Alone, he roamed around Jerusalem waiting to observe Passover in the temple. Instead he stood watching as his beloved healer hung on a cross. Maybe he wasn’t the Messiah. When Reuben heard later that Jesus was in Galilee, alive, he went to see for himself. It was then that Reuben realized he HAD seen the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb – just not in the temple. Soon he was adjusting to a new family as Judith and Ethan took him as their son. Then Saul began his ruthless search for anyone who followed this ‘messiah’. Reuben and his new father fled to a cave. What a confusing yet exhilarating time it must have been for the first Christians. Follow young Reuben in this journey.
  4. THE BONDSERVANT – Createspace: 2015 modern fiction. Blond, blue-eyed Austin Pettigrew’s life began in a petri dish, wanted only for his stem cells. His ‘life’ ended when he disappeared on his sixteenth birthday, only three people cared. His missing person’s file in Ontario was never closed and never solved. Several years later a retired PI finds Austin’s name in a Bible in Victoria, B.C. The first nations boy who has the Bible claims that Austin Pettigrew is dead. How does he know and where did he get Austin’s Bible?
  5. A COMPLEX LOVE – Createspace – 2018 – romantic fiction. Dani and her two children hit bottom before they are finally accepted for subsidized housing in a four unit complex. Was this where God wanted them? It felt like a dream come true, except for the sullen landlord, the older couple who obviously didn’t approve of unwed mothers. Then there was the other family, grungy, loud, with a life style that kept them in worse financial shape than Dani. God had a plan to use Dani’s quirky personality to change lives, even her own.
  6. ALS MEETS CHRIST. My own story of my 15 years living with ALS. My life was changed when I was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS in 2007. This book shows how the Lord blessed me even as I lost my speech, my ability to chew my food, eventually turning to tube feedings. This book is full of ideas for people and their families who are dealing with ALS. Where can you get equipment? How to deal with Home Care. What to tell the children? And how to keep Christ front and center. I still live alone, on the 16th floor of a senior’s complex and I order groceries on-line. I have six grown married children who keep watch over me but don’t hover. I have 13 grand children plus many added by marriage. My quiver is full of great-grand kids. Our family stays connected by weekly family zoom meetings. As well as keeping busy writing I also post daily on my FB page.
  7. My books are available at amazon; WordPress; some on Kindle and you can contact me at

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  1. We loved your book, Carol.

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