Spring was very elusive this year. The definition of spring in the Gage Canadian Dictionary is: the season after winter (in North America, March, April, May) when plants begin to grow.

Wikipedia states that the March equinox (varying between March 19 and 21) is taken to mark the first day of spring. HOWEVER: just as a person can stick his or her nose out the door and contradict what the TV weather man is reporting for the day, so too, those of us, who have our feet on the ground in Saskatchewan, stepped outside and declared, SPRING IS NOT HERE.

Yes, we saw spring’s first birth contractions and quickly pulled out the gardening gloves and maybe even prepared our gifts for baby spring: tiny fragile bedding plants, only to realize that it was only a few twinges of premature labour.

We had to allow nature to take its course. So, we rejoiced with the ups and downs of day and night temperatures and watched the accumulation of winter snow slowly disappear. Then! Every sign indicated that spring would burst forth but it was only those confusing Braxton Hicks contractions and then it snowed again.

We saw the occasional robin scrounging for bits of string and straw to build a nest. We anticipated catching a glimpse of blue speckled eggs and then waited with bated breath to see the open mouths, wobbling above the edge of the nest, crying for mother robin to fill their stomachs. We even had joyful dreams of one day watching those little ones float awkwardly to the ground, take their first steps and eventually find their wings.

But the labour pains, needed to birth newborn spring, were still weak and irregular. Mother Goose had already had a hot flash and demanded a cooler abode. The honking chatter of geese flying high overhead indicated that they too were wondering why spring hadn’t arrived on her due date. The geese staked out their nests in the reeds along Moose Jaw Creek but then, they were even more confused, while we were eagerly waiting to see the kite-tail string of baby geese swimming in a straggling line behind their parents.

Then the water broke; it rained and rained and rained and we knew the birth of spring was imminent, yet here we sat, in the ornithological maternity ward, anxious, helpless and pacing. The temperature kept rising and falling. Baby spring was overdue but we knew spring WOULD be born.

So today I invite everyone to a baby shower for the newborn infant named Spring. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate.



June 20, 2014 · 9:06 pm

2 responses to “WELCOME BABY SPRING

  1. Cheryl

    I am celebrating. I love a baby shower. I’m just now sure how to dress for this shower! You always have a unique perspective and make me think. Thanks. Cheryl

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