I have been following with interest the huge debate over the proposed changes to the election act. Years ago when we lived in the north we knew lots of people who could neither read nor write. They signed their name with an X and for most of them their X was identifiable, it was their unique signature but still someone else signed to vouch for them. In this day and age, no one should need to be vouched for. The thirty-nine available pieces of identity cover every problem imaginable.

I found the list of thirty-nine items that can be used for voting identity on-line: everything from your driver’s licence to your hunting or fishing license, Student ID card, library card, hospital bracelet (for long-term care facilities) even your Parolee identification Card. Pretty well anything that has your name and address on it can also be used: utility bills, government cheque or even a letter of Stay, Admission Form or Statement of Benefits from a shelter, soup kitchen, senior residence, long term facility or student residence. A lot of people don’t know that you can obtain a picture ID card from your motor vehicle branch even if you don’t drive. So all the stories of the home-less or students not having the proper ID means they haven’t checked out what can be used.

I question is why this list isn’t being shown on every news channel, written in every newspaper and posted on every public bulletin board in the nation. Why is there so much controversy when the truth is available?

It’s scary to not have any identification.  I’ve had my wallet stolen, twice and it’s a pain to replace all those pieces of identity. Every time I drive by the scene of the latest fire in downtown Moose Jaw, I think of the former residents of those buildings whose entire identity is  buried in that pile of rubble and no way to access it but there is still time for everyone to make sure they have two of those thirty-nine pieces of identity before the election.

I guess this is front and center of my mind since our last adult Bible study class when we talked about our identity in Christ. Our spiritual identity is so much more important than our physical identity. People who doubt their eternal salvation need to do some searching to discover the truth. Isaiah 49:16 says, ‘I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.’ Yes, if you put your trust in Christ for eternal life, your name is embedded in the wounds of the nails that crucified Him. He also has the hairs of your head numbered, your DNA, and it is yours alone. He calls you by name, He knew you when you were being formed in the womb. Every person on earth can know their spiritual identity which gives them the right to stand before God, the great judge, and be accepted.

That list of thirty-nine pieces of identity for voting is available on-line: but I warn you that the list is buried somewhere in the rubble of all the on-line chatter of those who are against this change. If you want to find out more about your spiritual ID, start with reading John 3:16 and then read the entire Gospel of John. It’s not that long and can provide you with the spiritual ID you need for eternal life.

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