They say the climate is changing
They talk about global warming
Environment-lovers cling to trees
Save the seals, protect the leopard
Forget the ancient glacier-carved valleys.

Psychics claim to see beyond
Stars can chart the future
Grease covered, worship the sun
Climb the pyramid to the moon goddess
Search ocean depths, outer space for truth.

Wealth and wisdom is all they need
Wall street moguls buy and sell
Youth forsake life’s reality
Lose their identity in reality T.V.
A search for instant success and stardom.

Dye and bleach and tan and diet
Cleanse, purge, eat this , not that
Hold back the hands of time
Stop the aging process, live forever
Splendid in designer clothes.

Synthetic pills for happiness
Needles, patches, organic herbs
Energy drinks, vitamin pills
Go to sleep, wake up, pump iron
Hone the body to perfection.

The sun is darkened, stars fall
Fervent heat scorches earth
Time is rolled up like a scroll
And every knee bows to THE NAME
IT IS WRITTEN, but no one is reading.

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