I had heard of the Grand Banks but had never taken the time to check out exactly what and where they were. Being a curious person I finally Googled it and found an amazing story and a wonderful spiritual illustration.

The Grand Banks of Newfoundland is a part of the North American continental shelf that extends from the Gulf Coast and is a bit wider than the continental shelf on the west side of the continent. A continental shelf is an undersea extension of a continent, an area near every coast. The water is from 24 to 100 meters in depth while the average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is over 3,300 meters and the average depth of the Pacific Ocean is over 4,000 meters.

What makes the Grand Banks area so special is that it’s the place where the cold Labrador Current running south meats the warm waters of the Gulf Stream running north. The mixing of these waters and the shallow ocean bottom stirs up and brings nutrients to the surface and that draws the fish to make it one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

The result is an abundance of Atlantic cod, sword fish, haddock and scallops and lobster. Seals, dolphins and whales also frequent the area.

So what is the spiritual application here? Let’s ignore the difference in temperature of the waters that come from north and south and concentrate on the results. Imagine these two streams of water illustrate prayer coming from the saints and the Holy Spirit’s ministry coming from God. Where those two vital spiritual actions mingle spiritual nutrients are stirred up in abundance and hungry, thirsty souls are drawn in. That makes for great ‘fishing for men’.

The Holy Spirit is always at work but we need to pray ahead of our ministries, we need to pray ahead of our missionaries, to create that rich mouth watering atmosphere that whets the appetite of the spiritually hungry. Lord, open our eyes to be spiritually aware of where Your Spirit is at work and help us to increase that current of prayer. Help us, Lord, to create spiritual ‘GRAND BANKS’ around the world.

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