My new book, The Bondservant, deals with kids suffering from RAD, Reactive Attachment Disorder. It is the result of not bonding as an infant and can result in aggressive or regressive symptoms. Some kids act out and are violent, others withdraw and are almost invisible. Everyone knows about FAS, ADHD and AUTISM. Dear John, has opened our eyes to autism, now it’s time for us to learn about RAD. If you haven’t seen Dear John, it’s worth watching.

RAD used to be a seldom heard term until children being adopted from third world countries arrived without the ability to connect to their new parents because the workers in their orphanage were busy keeping them alive and had no time to love them or hold them.

Reading stories of RAD kids and their foster parents, I was amused to hear an adoptive parent refer to their child as a Radish. That’s not a derogatory term, it’s a loving nickname for a child struggling with the results of not being loved.

I know a few Radish’s: one who was continually locked in a closet by his mother; another, whose single mother was too busy working to keep them alive to bond with her child.

Some of these kids are being treated as hyperactive or autistic, when what they really need is someone to love them and bond with them. Maybe you know a RADish but haven’t realized what the problem is. The Bondservant is a fiction story of a boy, conceived in a test tube to save the life of his sister and then rejected, like an empty toothpaste tube. But this RADish story has a happy ending.

I’d appreciate your prayer support that my book would find a publisher and shed a little light on this growing problem in our society.


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