I was asked what is the sound of silence? There is no such thing as silence. In the house, the ticking of the clock is the sound of time passing. Outside the sound of trees rustling is the sound of wind passing. I hear bugs buzzing around my ears, planes flying overhear. Ear plugs and a sleep mask can shut out the sound of those things but then my conscience speaks. God speaks and thoughts of praise come to mind and praise is never silent. If God knows my very thoughts, as the Bible says, then my thoughts are not silent either. If all these things are put to rest there is still the pulsing sound of blood pumping through my arteries; The sound of my own breath moving in and out. I swallow and it echoes in my ears. I could be deaf to everything from without, yet nothing can silence what is within: thoughts, dreams, ambitions, memories – there is no such thing as silence.

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